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Crimes Against Post Surrealism....

U.S. President George Bush will address world leaders Thursday at an interfaith conference at United Nations headquarters in New York.

The two-day "Culture of Peace" conference has drawn criticism because it was initiated by Saudi Arabia, a country that does not openly tolerate the practice of faiths other than orthodox Islam.
King Abdullah addressed the conference at the U.N. General Assembly on Wednesday. He called for a global effort to promote peace and fight terrorism, which he said stems from a lack of tolerance.
U.N. officials say the goal of the conference is to promote interfaith dialogue and explore how shared ethical values can be used to address crises.

[ cf Bush to Address UN Forum on Religious Tolerance ]

Why not Caribou Barbies Super Secret AlterEgo Bible Spice? Who can share how we in america are willing to be tolerant of other people, and their belief systems, as long as that does not mess with the well established tax policy about how many wife one can write off on the old tax forms, since to allow any form of tax credit for wives, and/or concubines, or to those cases where the persons entered the contract without issue of a death tax progeny, then those people Hate the Guacamole And MUST be burned at the stake as GODLESS HEATHENISTS!!!


It is soooo hard to tell where these folks is getting their weed... Since clearly the Buds Are Big, and the Bongs Are Long, and they be totally BAKED as hard as a brick....

Well, there it is, clearly we MUST BONG CANADA, since clearly this must be their fault! Since they are Godless Heathenists who are not supporting the President to support the troops!!!
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