drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Today in New WORLD SPAM!!

Praise for Great Americans (Veterans Day 2008)

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Great Americans Launch on Fox
"Great Americans is an excellent illustration of the breadth of heroism in =
the United States."
John Sommer
Combat Medic, Vietnam, US Army=20
Executive Director, Washington Office=20
The American Legion

[ personal spam from "Return-Path: bounce-143-30-30-14164314@bounces.smartcommunicator.net" ]
Now do not get me wrong here, I really believe that ANY DAY NOW, fox news might just actually give a large warmed over biological product as a precusor to a bio-fuel about the veterans and the veterans community.

No seriously. Why any day now.

It COULD Happen.

But I am SOOOO not actually holding my breath on that event....

Their commitment to the Karl Roverian Draft Dodger Kultur has been toooo painfully clear.

So thank You Spammers of America... You are sooo doing americans proud by being all that you can be and going phising on Veterans day.
Tags: war

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