drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Proof That The Evil Liberals HATE FREEDOM!!!

I was just SHOCKED, SHOCKED I tell you to learn:
MoveOn.org has already airdropped $217,741 into Georgia's crucial Senate runoff.


Barack Obama and MoveOn.org need Jim Martin to seize complete control of government.

And to thank them, Martin has promised to rubberstamp Obama's far-left agenda...

... Liberal activist Supreme Court justices, over $1 trillion in new spending, censorship of conservative talk radio and a crushing 25% cut to our military.

We need your help to stop Jim Martin, and save the Republican Senate seat in Minnesota.

( email from "Orrin Hatch" news@gopsenators.com, Subject Line: MoveOn's hip pocket )

The attack of the Airborne Assault Wing of the Evil MoveOn.org!!!

Them and their battle hardened US Dollars Attacking Our White Christian America, and impose only a single Trillion dollars in new spending, censorship, and evil stuff....

DUDE!! Where is that Republican BONG when you need it!!!

Clear and COMPELLING PROOF that we must keep on Bonging Canada until they Kapitulate And Run Away and show that the Great War Heroes still in hiding, who have been keeping themselves in strategic reserves can really whip it out in the crucial times when we have to really do the hard fighting against Air Borne Assault Commando Ranger Special Forces Dollars!!!
Tags: bong_canada, election, war

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