drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Does Andrew Sullivan Hate America?

A tip of the hat to The Evil Sean for his rude, irrational, and completely unbelievable repetition of Andrew Sullivan's Scurrilous Assault On America over at The Mojo Wire where he notes that there is this prima facia similarity between the definition of water boarding, as used in the War Crimes Trials Against Japan, and, well the Policy position advanced by President, and outlined in the CIA specifications.

Well, yes, gosh, ok, so just because there is this prima facia evidence, that in most courts on the planet would lead to at least the issuing of a warrent for the arrest of the alledged perpetrator. What we all know, and what Andrew Sullivan and his ilk have failed to figure out is that there is no way to create an illlegal warrentless arrest warrent - that is merely kidnapping and/or hostage taking - and how exactly would this administration look if it decided that it had to take itself hostage and threat to have itself executed unless it confessed to it's crimes and stopped doing them..

Then there is this BRUTAL ASSAULT thatg Radical Leftist Extremist Andrew Sullivan Embarks upon in his OFFERING AID AND COMFORT TO THE ENEMY WHILE STABBING OUR VALIANT TROOPS IN THE BACK What I Got Wrong About the War I mean why is this PERSON allowed to empower and embolden the enemy in a time of transfering the federal debt on the unborn's unborn!!!! Don't they know that they must support the president to support the Troops!

Or should I be polite and wonder if the ILK like Andrew Sullivan, et al, will decide that it is time for that Apology to those of us who are Old School Tie Republicans and believe in actual fiscal responsibility, and have actual time in grade in the military, so were not at all impressed with their fallacious attacks on OUR PATRIOTISM when we tried to point out that they really should NOT try to shove that crack pipe up their methane port, it was going to hurt.....

Or is the reason that they are not apologizing is that they still believe in their whole snow job, and are trying to build a little buffer space as they try to deal with their "victim of chicken hawk angst" - so that, they don't FEEL as emotionally upset about it alll.

Ah yes, you just have to love:
You'd like Saddam still in power, with our sanctions starving millions while U.N. funds lined the pockets of crooks and criminals?
Interesting how majikally now the sanctions were suppose to have been starving millions - a point that was always the sweat heart deal of the evil liberal leftists calling for the end of sanctions. And Yes, it is soooo cute about the crooks and criminals, unlike, oh, where are those misplaced billions bilked out of the DOD et al....

So nope. I guess they are just trying to distance themselves from Dubya in the hope of getting closer to a bigger Federal Teat to suck...

Who knows, maybe the new and Improved NeoCons will get a special medical programme for the Victims Of Chicken Hawk Angst, that will help them get through all of that nervous angst and ennoi...

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