drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why does John Derbyshire Hate America?

At the Corner - of the alledge National Review - we have
Arbeit Macht Frei (cont.) [John Derbyshire]

Sorry, you had no idea what I was posting about, did you? This.

[ cf John Derbyshire Goes TOTALLY WackaWacka ]
The problem seems to be that he hates freedom, and is not sure what to do with the difference between volunteering, as noted at America Serves, and, well, I guess that John Derbyshire wants us to think that the new Obamanites are starting to round up what? white persons???

I am seriously wondering what sort of HARD KORP DRUGS these folks are going with these days? And to think that once upon a time the Find Folks at NRO tried to pretend to some standards by pushing HanoiAnnie Coulter under the bus for her insane writings.

Could it be that John Derbyshire has, well, gone with elvis on the mothership???

As attackerman notes:
It's a thin line between Veteran Corps and Freikorps.
[ cf You’re A Holocaust ]
So I guess we can say that the polite faze of the self realization moments inside the former NeoConLand have also gone...

Or is it the case the Derbyshire was 'just joking' or 'making a funny', because he is still hiding out in america, in spite of his stand on winning the WhateverOnWhomever... and doesn't know what is clearly offensive to vets... and americans, and human beings.
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