drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

TERRORIST Rampage Gone WILD!!!

I was just shocked to learn
A deal like the one McPherson is seeking is rare, but not without precedent. Earlier this year, Cal State Fullerton rehired a lecturer who had refused to sign a loyalty oath required as a condition of employment. The woman, a Quaker, had objected to the militaristic tone of the oath, in which employees pledge to defend the state and national constitutions “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”
[ cf UCI prof risks job by refusing sexual harassment training ]
It is bad enough that EVIL LIBERAL COLLEGE PROFESSORS are evil, and will not support the State Laws, but there are even evil liberals who will not support the Loyalty Oaths!!!

How Shocking!!!

How Frightening!!!

The Rich White Elitist Obamanites come out of the wood work trying to destroy our white christian america, with their.... uh, hum... should we be Obliging folks to sign loyalty oaths in the first place, and is the folly of Mandatory Sexual Harrassment Training Laws, well... Silly....

Or should we just get MORE HYSTERICAL since clearly failure to Support President Bush stabbing Dubya in the back is, uh, THE TERRORISTS WIN!!!

Liberals, and Evils, And Bears, OH MY!!!
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