drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Americans, you have to love them...

There was the time Komrade Party Leader Ashcroft lost to a dead guy.

And now in Caribou Barbie Land, even being a convicted felon, and therefore not allowed to vote for yourself, is NOT a problem:
The fate of a convicted felon will help determine the size of the Democrats' expanded power in the U.S. Senate, and may provide a new job opportunity for failed vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

After being found guilty of political corruption last month, Republican Sen. Ted Stevens, 84, of Alaska clung to a narrow lead on Thursday in his bid to win an eighth term.

With state election officials sorting through thousands of absentee ballots, a winner was not expected to be announced for at least several days.

[ cf Convicted Stevens holds slim lead in Senate race ]
Thank GOD some folks understand that mere Partisan Politics should take precedence over personal responsiblity...

It is what the Troops are fighting for...
Tags: election, war

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