drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

How to start the prioritization process?

Of the various issues on the table, where to start?

Clearly restoring Law and Order will need to be high on the list of the new administration, but which parts of which laws, and what orders.

The fiasco of Gitmo is an offense that needs to be cleaned up. But should that take precedence over prosecution of the folks engaged in the various forms of Banking FRAUD?

Clearly getting americans aware of the Idea of the rule of Law will help.

But should that take precedence over cleaning up the Economic Fiasco, and more importantly, the TRUE crisis of faith that has come about when the Great Milton Friedmaniac him self, Komrade Party Leader Green Span noted, that there was this LITTLE OOOPSIE.... So should we start by stepping back and working on reconstructing what is left of the actual free market ideas? Or should we just start straight into the Keyenesian Economics until we have recovered enough to have the time to debate the economic fine points?

Remember boys and girls, we are @WAR, and it is an insurgency issue here...
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