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Now comes the real set of challenges.

Like many americans I was utterly embarrassed that the republican party could do no better than to win on Prop 8. I listened to part of Barak Obama's acceptance speach, and felt sorry that america did not have a republican party that was able or willing to actually run against Obama as a real live Presidential Candidate.

My consolation prize here, is that perchance we can now look at what it will take to create a National Level Republican Party that can find reasons for americans to support them, without the need for BOOGA-BOOGA scare tactics turned bad comedy.

We need to establish a reason for our reasoning, not merely appeal to authority.

We need to have more of a reason for our position than the AgitProp slogans of "support the War Lord!" or any of the other tonnes of fun "Free Trade BOOGA BOOGA!!! Free Market BOOGA BOOGA!!!!"

I do not think that a victory on Prop 8 will suffice as a basis for restoring NixonLand, nor for that matter, do I think it is time to retrench and retreat into the fantasy land of what the Sixties would have been, if only those Idiots had not imposed the 22nd Ammendment that prevented the GOP from running Ike against JFK...

It is clearly time that we pick through the wreckage of the Romantic Free Marketeering of Reganism - which was not willing to end any of the real evil governmental interventionisms that made it barely dressed up Nixonite Economic Policy - and thus something that Milton Friedman is on record as having opposed.

Maybe now is the time to look at what have we learned from the forensics of the folly of Friedmanism.

Then perchance to build that economic theory based upon more than appeal to the military in some holy crusade against whomever is the armed insurgency, terrorist, guerrilla, theyThemThoseTypes. Who knows, at that point we might be able to provide a viable alternative to post-marxianist posturing.

It might even be well worth the doing in itself.

But it will most likely give us a chance to have a Republican Party that will be worth voting for. A Republican Party that will be able to not embarrass the nation. A Republican Party that can field real candidates to be ready to be a real part of a real american democratic federal republic!

It could Happen.
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