drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Holy Defeatist Propoganda Flying Rodent PerKin

After Saddam Hussein's Removal In April 2003, The Terrorists Began Moving Into Tal Afar.
[ cf Fact Sheet: Strategy for Victory: Clear, Hold, and Build at whitehouse.gov (emphasis theirs) ]
A loud shout out to vanmojo posting at mojowire: Victory is Victorious... for the tip that the White House is trying to parody the The Defeatists: Worse Than Terrorists by noting that prior to accidentally inserting troops into iraq to restore the iraqi wetlands as a part of their radical environmental extremist pollicies the Iraqi Town of Tal Afar was not a hot bed of Al-Qeada operations....

Has anyone thought of explaining that these folks really should support the president to support the Troops.

And next week out the New And Improved Victgory Is More Victorious Than Ever Before dialog will explain power, progress, progressiveness, and other words that start with the letter P...

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