drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Embrace Your Sixties Moments.

Hey kids, not old enough to know WHY you should be afraid, anyway, currently the wikipedia is not available, must be some sort of Black Panther Attack. So when the Wiki is back, check it out. In the meantime, be aware, that IF you are not yet afraid of them, there are at least TWO of them in Philly. (The Guy in the Black Panther Costume) a must read giggle moment from Seeing the forest.

You were warned what those EVIL Rich White Elitist Obamanites would do...

Thank GOD that Drudge and friends are going to be protecting us from them...

Makes me wonder if the whole Right Wing Blogosphere will finally get their game on and join the military to defeat these evil they them those types...

Not Likely. They have had how many years to find their Machismo, and get into the game... not expecting majik to happen suddenly...
Tags: election, war

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