drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Communist Dominated Wisconsin has Lying Republicans.

GASP! Say it isn't So Joe McCarthy!!! Say it isn't So!!!
The employees told The Associated Press on Monday they were hired by Allstaff Labor Group to go door to door in the Milwaukee suburbs locating McCain supporters and distributing absentee ballot request forms. Allstaff recruited them under a contract with a consulting firm hired by the Republican Party of Wisconsin to run its absentee ballot program.

The workers claim they were told to say they were GOP volunteers even though they were getting paid $10 an hour. They were required to sign agreements stating they would not publicly discuss their work but said they decided to speak out because they were angry they had not been paid for the last few days. They claim they are owed between $200 and $300.

GOP spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski confirmed there was a dispute over how many hours the employees worked and said the party's vendor was working to resolve it.

[ cf WI GOP "Volunteers" Admit They Lied To Voters ]
SEE!!! See how the VICIOUS AND VINDICTIVE Red Communist Hordes are brutaly attacking the Free Trade in Free Markets that brings market forces to bear on the need to sell the Presidency to OBO.
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