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Let the Stoner Moments Continue...

Irregardless of how the RichWhiteElitites go wonky, things remain decided post-surreal:
... If anyone had told me that my company would be before the US Supreme Court defending inane comments by Cher and Nicole Richie, I would have said you're crazy," News Corporation President and COO Peter Chernin told the Media Institute on Wednesday, accepting the group's Freedom of Speech award.
But Fox's boss insisted that if the FCC wins on this issue, "it is the beginning of the steep slide toward censoring unpopular political content."
Chernin told the Media Institute that, however the case gets resolved, Fox won't back down on this issue.

"As a media company, we have not just a right but a responsibility to stand up to the government when it crosses that First Amendment line in the sand–even if the content we are defending is in bad taste," he said. "And in the indecency context, that line has not only been crossed, it has been obliterated."

[ cf Fox TV: FCC F-bomb sanctions have "radical ramifications" ( emphasis mine )
yes.... Fox News, that Uppity Maverick Corporate Spin Doctor...

yes, take another Toke on that Reality Based News Series of Thingus's Of Pooh...

CLEARLY more proof that we must BONG Canada for give us another of the David Frum moments, with the Free Marketeeres fighting against the Radical Judicial Activists on the Bench....

{ remember when the ranting was that if the RichWhiteElitist Obamanites were to win, then they would start censoring talk radio... Well, GOSH.... Golly, Gee Whiz... They didn't even wait till the Evil RichWhiteElitist Obamanites came to power to start fighting against the BRUTAL ONSLAUGHT of evil liberalism of the TreeHuggerInChief Regime... }
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