drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Yes Virginia, there is a SandyClaws...

In a move that is sure to put to rest the notion that there are no second acts in American life, former Bear Stearns chief risk officer Michael Alix has landed a job in the office of the Federal Reserve charged with assessing the safety and soundness of domestic banking institutions.
[ cf Fed Hires Bear Stearns Risk Boss ]
Yes boys and NonPersons, it is whom you blow, not what you know...

And in RepublicanLand, "BlowJob" has nothing to do with sex stuff, which is ikky, and yukky, and gross...

So let us tip our hats to the economic rescue that verifies the Vitality and Vibrancy of the ability to have as much Free Trade in Free Markets as one would ever want to have...

Since anything else is SOCIALIST WELFARE STATISM!!!

The fun of course comes when the new regime takes power after the coup, will Michael Alix still be around??? or will he have been given an even NEWER opportunity in the New Economic Prosperity Zones...
Tags: economics, election, war

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