drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

well we can all chill out now...

A Republican computer consultant denied under oath Monday that he knew of any GOP effort to steal the 2004 election for President Bush by rigging Ohio's vote totals, an attorney who questioned him said.

A federal judge on Friday ordered Michael Connell, whose firms had consulting contracts with Bush's campaign and with the Ohio secretary of state's office in 2004, to submit to a limited, closed-door deposition in a suit alleging schemes to fix the vote.

[ cf Computer expert denies knowledge of ‘04 vote rigging in Ohio ]
Well, clearly, when would a limited, closed-door deposition in a legal suit be fraudulent, and could lead to criminal penalties for Purjury....

Anyone want to say ThatGuyWhoWorkedForDearOldDick, and was convicted of perjury, for his undertruthfulness in the case of blowing a CIA operation for reason of mere partisan domestic politics.

Not that I would want to suggest or imply that some persons are less aware of their issues with truthiNeff in a time of engaging in special operations on behalf of the special warfare community....
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