drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Left Wing Press Distorts Presidential Assertion!

Don't you just hate it when those Radical Left Wing America Bashing Draft Dodging Defeatist Appeaser's take what the President Actually said and then BRUTALLY TWIST IT ALL OUT OF PERSPECTIVE! The headline in this case is
Update 28: Bush: Troops to Stay in Iraq Through '08
But we all know what the president actually said.

President Bush said Tuesday that American forces will remain in Iraq for years and it will be up to a future president to decide when to bring them all home. But defying critics and plunging polls, he declared, "I'm optimistic we'll succeed. If not, I'd pull our troops out."
[ cf Forbes.com ]


Notice that the president sayd that it will be up to a future president. But that doesn't mean that the President is Going To RUN AWAY simply because the Evil Liberals want a time table for when the president will abandon the White House and Retreat before the Enemy abandoning our valiant fighting forces in Iraq!!! So why do they presume that the troops will be there through at least '08??? Are they really openly offering aid and comfort to THE ENEMEY???

Is the Evil Liberal Media trying to embolden the Terrorists with suggesting that the President will Cut and Run????


Why can't the Evil Liberal Media accept that Congress has Authorised the President to do what ever he wants to do, so why would the president stand down in 2008? or 2108? orr 2208???

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