drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Will The Karl Roverian Draft Dodger Culture do the right thing?


And to think, so many of the Pro-War types have been so supportive of getting up off their faces and follow their rhetoric into the combat on the eastern fronts further east than fighting against the liberals on Wall Streeet......

Ah yes...

Where have all those war heroes gone...

And would they be any more willing to go to war under McCain than they were under Dubya? And would they be any more willing to be the actual boots on the ground, under McCain than their track record under Dubya???

And would they be able to resolve their ideological issues, as the boots on the ground, in a war, if Caribou Barbie were to become the CIC....

You want Scary? You can't Handle Scary!!!
Tags: election, war

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