drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What is her credibility again???

Uh, remind me again folks, what exactly is the platform that MooseLady gets up on when she starts chirping about being ready to be the CIC??? as if she were in a position to argue the point? Or didn't any of her handlers, during her shopping spree, happen to mention to her that she might get the chance to BE the CIC if Jesus calls McCain home to Heaven??? ( cf Palin: Obama incapable of handling security tests ) or is the real issue here that the Evil Liberal Media is puff balling Caribou Barbie, because they sooo hope that no one is taking the idea of her being CIC serious at all...

And let's be short and simple:
What does it say about a guy that his choice for the back up CIC is Caribou Barbie?
Other than that more people should have been saying "NO" to bad drugs.
Tags: election, war

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