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No Child Left Behind - What is George REALLY trying to tell us.

I was somewhat surprised the other evening with madmerle mentioned that she did not know that the Military was allowed to use schools as a recruiting facility. In this case k-12 schools, and not merely the University and Trade Schools. This lead me to wonder, again, about which parts of the Oidepal Complex The Greatest Military Leader EVER is really trying to deal with.

Let us step back, and notice that the CIA and the rest of the Intelligence Community has basically been gutted by this Administrations OPEN HATRED of Intelligence Community Professionals. Which makes some reasonable sense. There was a time when Dubya's Dad was out of the loop with regards to running the CIA. It would also seem that he was not being the sort of supportive father that would help his child learn to deal with what are clearly some deep seated and unresolved issues. So it makes sense that Dubya had to get rid of the Bad Nasty CIA because it clearly had come between him and Daddy.

For fun, folks may want to get the Big Laugh out of how Judith Miller, remember her, the Heroic NYT report who would not turn over her notes about who had leaked the order to BURN a CIA Asset, and the associated operations team, well she had been one of the co-authors of a much trumpetted, amongst the NeoConClownCarCrew, book exposing how the Evil Bad Nasty CIA had covered up all of the real intelligence about all of the WackyMadeupDanger in Iraq, and the full extent of the Iraqi Actual Real Imaginary Weapon Systems. Interesting that once the NYT learned that she was not actually a journalist, but a Public Relations Operative for the Cheney Intelligence Agency, that they let her go.

Some may even have been amused when Judith Miller and Co. were the crew calling for the head of The CIA for having provided the President with Bad Intelligence on the WackyMadeupDanger in Iraq and had not provided the president that the Iraqi's were actually lagging in their effort to create Actual Real Imaginary Weapon Systems. But those of you who are at all aware of the Problem of staffing with Party Apparachniki will remember that the other Stalinists had this ability to spend six years as devout anti-fascists, and then embarace the need for the treat of non-aggression between Uncle Joe and his most favored Greatest Military Leader EVER! So the fact that the New Stalinists in the NeoConClownCarCrew can do these turn arorunds in under a year, is well, the marvel of modern technology.

It's such a shame that the Bad Nasty CIA had been between Dubya and Daddy, and was still a source of, well, clearly emotionally traumatizing issues. It would have been nice if the Cheney Intelligence Agency had been able to divine which were the Real Needs of Dubya, those special urges, and unfulfiled needs in his life. Because it appears that hyping ThatIraqiThingiePoo has not been the solution.

Then there is the unpleasantry that Daddy didn't go into Baghdad - because it would mean decades of being bogged down there. For those keep track, today Maximal Leader sorta confessed that it will not be on his watch that the troops will coming home from Iraq. So it seems that his effort to out do Daddy on Iraq, well, hasn't worked out quite the way it was suppose to go either. But hey these sorts of Things Happen. Sometimes children have these uncontrollable urges to out do their parents, because they have never been able to accept their own personhood. They were unable to make that transition from Child to Independent Adult.

Then there was that whole "read my lips" incident - which probably explains more than anything else why Dubya has had to keep on raising the Federal Debt Limit, and sink the nation into more, and more, and more federal debt! Which is going to bloat out even more as the fiasco of allowing American Corporations to dump their pension requirements onto the Federal Govenment
The reform of the pension system is being undertaken at a time when it is reeling from a series of big bankruptcies, like those of United Airlines and Bethlehem Steel, that sent billions of dollars worth of obligations to the pension agency. The agency's pension insurance is limited, and a growing number of these companies' employees have discovered to their dismay that their benefits exceed the limits and that they will simply lose part of the money they had been promised.

Legislators argue that while they want the pension agency to be strong, they also want to encourage companies to continue offering pensions.

[ cf Evolving pension bill draws concerns ]
Gosh, and that on top of the Medicaire/Medicaid fiasco.

It would make sense if these thing would actually work as a way to hurt daddy for all that daddy didn't do for Dubya - but, well, gosh, Daddy is on the federal retirement program and not one of the regular corporate pensions. But hey, no one ever said that Dubya was the sharpest crayon in the box.

But do we really need for the President to continue to do all of this On the TAXPAYERS DOLLAR?

I mean, shouldn't he just be thinking about getting into therapy? You know, join a 12 step programme for people who accidentally invade other nations. I am sure that there has to be a group like that he can find the comfort and support for persons of his very special victimization. There has also got to be some sort of special 12 step programme for persons who were never to sure how to get out from under the success of their parents. But that would probably require that Dubya get over his issues with those evil Red Hollywood Elites.

In the interrum, while we keep on winning ever glorious and ever victorious wonders in ThatIraqiThingiePoo, is whether the Military should be able to recruit directly from Junior High Schools, or in the K-8 Grades, so that the children will be better prepared to do their Part for the Party!!! And the Ultimate Victory of Maximal Leader!!!! I mean we really do not want innocent children growing up and Suffering like Dubya did? Now Do YOU?

Clearly If YOU do not support the Military Recruiting Children From k-8 you Support TERRORISTS and Hate Children!!!!

Now More than EVER All TRUE AMERICANS must Support No Child Left Behind!!!

Anything Less and The TERRORISTS WIN!!!!

Be Seeing You!

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