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Which Terrorist Klique For Whom?

Sarah Palin has been associated all her adult life with churches and political groups that are way out of the theological and political mainstream. Her extreme policy views as Governor reflect this background and raise questions about what kind of vice president John McCain seeks to have voters endorse.

It has been widely reported that McCain barely knew Palin and his team never fully evaluated her to determine her fitness to be vice president.

The Anchorage Daily News recently stated that evangelist Franklin Graham made the Palin connection to McCain, not Republican professionals. Graham, the once-estranged son of Billy Graham, has strong ties to the various strands of the religious rightwing. He met with McCain on June 30 at his headquarters in Boone, North Carolina, after which Graham issued a statement praising McCain's "personal faith" and prayed for "God's will to be done in this upcoming election."

[ cf Sarah Palin and the New Apostolic Reformation ]
Hum... Then there is
One of the most outrageous moments in Sarah Palin's commentary as a vice-presidential candidate is her stunning unwillingness to reject anti-abortion terrorism.

Brian Williams asked her directly if abortion clinic bombers are terrorists. Palin danced and waffled, said she didn't know, and then categorized terrorists as those who would campaign or seek to destroy the Capitol or "innocent Americans." A simple answer sufficed: "Yes, of course, abortion-clinic bombers are terrorists and I reject and deplore their actions."

Even before Palin proved incapable of drawing a clear moral line for the television anchor, Merle Hoffman, publisher of On The Issues Magazine Online and founder of the Choices Women's Medical Clinic in Queens, connected the dots between anti-abortion terrorists, apocalyptic thinking and the Republican vice presidential candidate. Writing on the topic of "What Is Terror for Women," Hoffman penned an essay, "Sarah Palin and the Apocalypse," reprinted here with permission on the flip.

[ cf Anti-abortion terrorists, the Apocalypse and Sarah Palin ]
So is the reason that Dear old Caribou Barbie is unable to go with a real answer on her support for her christianist terrorists, is, uh, her not surredness on whether there are any actual moral absolutes?

Or was it the lack of an available hairdresser, since of course, "only her hairdresser knows for suree", as the old saying went....

So remember Boys and Chattel, the important thing is to defend the correct ideology of sucking up to those who are good at pretending to be sucking up to the Vets.... Because it will be important to maintain the correct Pro-War stand when bringing Joel's army into play...

Or is there a set of problems here, that maybe the new Apostolic 3rd Wave crew have been more than a little bit co-opted by the Milton Friedmanesque, and their Market Fundamentalism??? Taken on a religious joy ride of the Christian Identity Movement, in ways that just is not the same old social conservativism that the older generation of actual social conservatives can still support?
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