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What Puzzle, What Problem About Detention Kamps?

America’s largest detention facility is here in Iraq’s southern desert, and it sits at the center of one of the most complex debates in the transition from American military rule to full Iraqi sovereignty: what to do with the 5,000 Iraqi prisoners whom the United States military considers a threat to the hard-fought and still fragile calm in Iraq?

The latest draft of the security agreement between the nations, if passed, would make one change clear at least: in a drastic reduction of the United States military’s power to control security in Iraq, American soldiers, acting on their own, would no longer be able to arrest insurgent suspects after Dec. 31. Under the proposed new rules, the United States military would need Iraqi permission to make arrests and then would have to turn suspects over to the Iraqi authorities within 24 hours.

Less clear, however, is what will happen to those already in detention — about 17,000 people in all.

[ cf A Puzzle Over Prisoners as Iraqis Take Control ]

You mean if we allowed Iraq to COLLAPSE into a land of Laws and not Persons, then only the law would be a legal basis for disappearing persons from the Free Trade in Free Markets? And that persons could not be disappeared simply because they had said unkind things about Milton Friedman!!!!

Why that is JUST SHOCKING!!!!

Ok, does anyone really know if that 17,000 detainees is an official number or an actual number....

Would this be a bad time to talk about the previous 'dirty wars' or would that merely complicate the adherence to the Brezhnev Doctrine. For our younger readers, back in the day Komrade Party Leader Brezhnev believed that once a nation was RED, it had to stay red. This is a leading cause for why on the other side of the line, anyone who opposed the Freedom of The Free Trade in Free Markets was a Pink!!! Including Poets, Authors, Playrights, Nannies, and other dangerous radical extremists who did not fully support saving the nation from the growing threat of Marxist-Leninist-Brezhnivites....

Anyone detained prior to the Arrival of Brezhnivite Deviationalism were detained based upon the presient insights of the massively predictive capacity of the Free Trade in Free Markets...

ARE YOU DOING YOUR PART TO STOP THE PINKS and their Uppity fellow travelors?
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