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Should Charleton Heston Brigades Wait For Poll Closings?

Two students were killed and a third person was wounded in a shooting on Sunday night outside a dormitory on the campus of the University of Central Arkansas, in Conway, college officials said.
The police said there were four suspects in the shooting, two of whom have already been taken into custody. One was stopped in a car near the campus Sunday night by police officers acting on information from witnesses, and the other walked into the university police department hours after the shooting. All four are men from central Arkansas, investigators said. Presten Gumbles, a spokesman for the university police, said the motivation for the shooting was unclear, but added, “We do not believe at this time that it was a random act.”

[ cf Two Shot Dead on Arkansas Campus ( emphasis mine )]
Well, would you want them to wait?

Clearly the growing threat of UnBelievers is growing!!!!
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