drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

NeoCons Gone Wild!

Yes, boys and girls, it's that classic Spring Break, where we have NeoCons Gone Wild!!!

So where does the president really stand with the plans to accidentally insert troops some place SOON!

I think that most patriotically corrector than thou types understand that behind all of this talk about the UK trying to reformulate a diplomatic solution, is merely the appeasement talking about the need for "peace in our times" while the NeoCons work out why exactly it is still cool to accidentally insert american troops into another country that did not actually have any REAL imaginary weapons.

While the more blithely optomistic are out there trying to be reassuring about how the president has been mostly clean and sober, and hasn't actually accidentally inserted any american military troops into nations that do not actually have any REAL imaginary weapons. So it really is a time of celebration that the president has been mostly on the wagon the last few years.

Which ever way you look at it, the president is clearly correct
He said he could "understand people being disheartened" but appealed to Americans to look beyond the bloodshed and see signs of progress.
[ cf Bush Asks U.S. to Look Past Iraq Bloodshed ]
And I think we all agree - just because some americans happened to not come home from Iraq, or have come home in parts, is, well, one more of those work related issues that americans really have no need to worry about, since OSHA should not be overly regulating the work place to begin with.

So let us all look beyond the bloodshed and see the signs of progress!!!

More and more americans are more firmly committed that they would do something if america were actually attacked by REAL imaginary weapons. They might actually think about joining the military, or at least seriously considering that idea, but clearlry at least they will be more committed to supporting the president to support the troops. While even more americans understand that accidentally inserting troops into other countries looking for REAL imaginary weapons is a very difficult situation, but that folks really should not be all that concerned since it clearly was the case that
You People Always Pick on the Handicap - so it is not the president's fault that he accidentally prematurely injects american troops into places without any actual REAL imaginary weapons, and you evil liberals should learn to be more supportive of persons with deep seated unresolved issues like that.
And even more so this spring break when all americans are still wondering if we are now more at war with Iran - having cached a lot of cool munchies for the spring break hoping to be able to watch the fully live Digital High Def Video On Demand with colour commentary by the really Cool Embeds as they go into Iran explaining
It's A Bug Planet...
Because these folks REALLY understand that
SERVICE! Leads to Citizenship
and of course it is so boring that we are not even bombing any place interesting after the most recent, Greatest Air Assualt EVER! Since the last time we did an Air Assault, which as most folks know, lost out in the rating war to the HypnoToad, and was about to lose out to the test pattern shown on stations that are not 24-hour, and therefore go off the air at night. But that didn't mean that it was really all that bad a tv show. I mean the Evil Liberal Media really should have stayed tune, it was clearly very possible that the Great Air Assault would have either found REAL imaginary weapons or worked it's way into a niche market as a form of reality TV. OK, so that would have been the Evils of the Liberal Socialist impeding the free progress of the free market system by subsidizing this niche market by allowing the Evil Liberal Media to get the footage without having to pay any of the production costs.

So yeah, now more than ever! It is clearly time to support those NeoCons Gone Wild!

No Matter Which Position they really take on their concerns, and/or commitments, to being actually attacked by REAL imaginary weapons you know it is always going to be such great wacky fun as we get to sit back and watch them sit even further back hoping that there will always be someone there, provided by the NannyState to protect them from any and all threats of actually being attacked by REAL imaginary weapons.

Why I can not wait for the Wet Trouser Contest as they share with us how scary it really was when someone was so unkind about their having not followed their rhetoric to where their lips had been slathering. But like all great one's, they just had one of those little accidents, and that was all it took...

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