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GOP is a PSA for do not do bad drugs...

Cindy McCain has accused Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama of running "the dirtiest campaign in American history."

In remarks reported Tuesday by The Tennessean, she said she initially did not want her husband John McCain to seek the Republican presidential nomination after a brutal primary struggle in 2000 against George W. Bush.
In 2000, John McCain lost the GOP primary in South Carolina to George W. Bush due in large part to insinuations that he fathered an illegitimate child. The couple adopted one daughter, Bridget, from Mother Teresa's orphanage in Bangladesh.

Her comments came as the McCain campaign's tone has become increasingly harsh.

Nearly every TV ad McCain ran last week was negative, compared to just 34 percent of those by Obama, according to an analysis by the Wisconsin Advertising Project released on Wednesday.

[ cf Cindy McCain claims Obama is waging dirty campaign ]
Now, i can understand, that after decades of opposing public education, cindy probably hopes that folks will think that what she says is in some way suppose to be smart.

But I do have to crank on the SacBee for picking only the NICEST of the smear campaigns that made the Combat in the South Carolina Primary proof that the Vietnam era was clearly over and the draft dodger culture of Karl Rove had up and won the war. That we were all going to be watching more and more Yippie Moments as the freak factor defined what was left of reality....

So yes, things are tough out there, and it is rough when one is merely the trophy wife of the guy who sorta did some stuff that was not as cool as the real war heroes like Tom "No Retreat, No Surrender" DeLay....

Who knows, will the remnants of the GOP party opt to go into rehab and show america, that sometimes one has to do more than just say no to drug abuse. One has to specifically NOT take the Bad Drugs!!!

Has anyone pointed out to Cindy that Obama is not Dubya, even if both are rich white guys, that, uh, not all rich white guys look alike???
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