drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Unholy Gay Homosexual Zombie Marriage Initiatives!!!

It was bad enough that the left wing liberals got their "gay friendly" US Supreme Court Justice appointment, one more slide on the slippery slope towards the inevitable dark night of The Unholy Gay Homosexual Zombie Marriage. But now the new Nominee is out of the closet as the one who worked for NOT the Exodus Ministries that would protect us from the inevitable evil liberal onslaught on our White Christian America!

What I find even WORSE in all of this is that you Freaking Dope Smoking Draft Dodging America Bashers are not policing up your Stragglers!

The Stealth Dope Smoking Draft Dodging America Bashers over at WhizBang have decided to come out of the Closet as Pro-Al-Qaeda Terrorists bent upon offering Aid And Comfort to the Enemy in a time of transferring the tax liability unto the unborn with their apostate Hatred of the Greatest Military Leader EVER!

Why not be open about their hatred of our american troops when they assert:

Confirm Them is not thrilled.

Neither am I.

What happened to their former poseur posture about supporting the president to support the troops!!!

So will you Freaks PLEASE police up your stragglers.

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