drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What? The Market WAS NOT an efficient allocator of Capital?

How can that be Andrew Sullivan and George "smoke big bong" Wills?
Second: Look at that last sentence in the quote again. A more or less minor error slips in when Will seems to conflate real and financial capital — true beginners buffoonery. For a bigger howler, consider his complaint about government vs. private sector capital allocation. If “market forces” were so effective at allocating capital, we would, of course, not be in the position of bailing out private market players right now.
[ cf Bad Andrew (and George): Sullivan (and Will) Can’t Do Economics ]
Ok, if you want to go read the original snarking from Andrew Sullivan citing George "Smoke Big Bong" Wills, you are a tall person click on through, when you parents are around to provide you with an apporpriate adult chaperone...

But yes, when the wankers start off by whining about the "poltical class", understand that they have embarked upon the sort of class warfare they are hoping will work well enough as their Draft Dodge, again....

So remember Persons and ProtoChattel, when it comes time to sell your vote to the highest bidder, try to remember that the Important Part is that the Free Trade in Free Markets is not impeded by any sense of sanity or sobriety...

Anything less and the thinguses Will Pooh!!!!

Tags: bong_canada, economics, election, war

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