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I was SHOCKED! and DISMAYED! at the totally out of control radical extremist judicial activism!!!
The foreman of the jury in Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens's corruption trial asked today that a juror be removed following "violent outbursts" with other jurors and her refusal to "follow the rules and laws" during deliberations.
But U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan declined. He read the note in court and summoned the panel into the courtroom for what he called "a pep talk." He told the jurors to act with civility and sent them back to deliberate in the first trial of a sitting U.S. senator in more than two decades.

[ cf Jury Foreman Asks That Juror in Stevens Trial Be Removed ]

When all about us there are Godless Unbeleivers who have not yet accepted the Divinity of Dubya and are so clearly engaged in the Anti-State Crimes against the Free Trade in Free Markets!!!! Radical Judicial activists would wish to limit things to merely the rules of law and decorum!!!!

We are in a time of transferring the tax burden upon the unborn baby UBU!!!!

Think of the INNOCENT unborn baby UBU!!!!
Tags: election, law, war

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