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Komrade Party Leader Greenspan expressed his SHOCK and DiSMay to congress about how the principles of greed did not work quite the way they were suppose to with regards to the power players in the financial sector failed, for reasons unknown, to place the needs and interests of the shareholders above their own personal aggrandizement.

How can this be???

Clearly when Komrade Party Leader Pointed out that people should abandon their antiquated Fixed Rate Mortgages for Fancy New ARMS, how was anyone to know that at some point the GOD HATING AMERICA BASHING DEVIL WORSHIPPING SATANIST Ben Bernanke would start acting like Ben Stein from Ferris Bueller's day off.

I mean, really, how could anyone have foreseen that after the glorious struggle of the Tyco Trial, when the core concern was not whether or not CEO's, and their key players, were using corporations as their personal piggy banks, but whether that was really a crime at all, since clearly CEO's and friends, were entitled to what ever they could get away with!!! Since they had all been hired with the poke, as in 'got a pig in a poke', as a part of the process. Clearly what ever they could get into their poke was a part of what they was paid, a fair wage for a fair workings, you know, as the Majikal Balancing Act of the Free Trade In Free Markets Allowed.

How could anyone have figured out that this sort of open support for corruption, would, well, mean that the key players in the financial industry, would adopt the policy of FIIGMO ( fsck It I Got My Options ) as a primary basis for making any and all choices about what was truly important in life - such as personal aggrandizement, or that weird thing about something with shareholder value stuff....

I mean, please boys and girls, let us all sit right back down and remember that "greed is good".

Anyone want to remember when americans learned that? and from whom?

Anyone want to ask Komrade Party Leader, "did you remember to pass the bong?"

Or should we all just sing a few more Chorus's of
"Shock!!! Shock!!! Dismay!!! Dismay!!! The Atlas Shrug Got his before me!!! Shock!!! Shock!!! Dismay!!! Dismay!!! How Could Great Leader have allowed them to do this to me!!! How Could ANYONE have known!!!!
Speaking of which, wouldn't this be a good time to talk about both more tax cuts for those poor people who are suffering from their only getting what their Poke, and the accountants Poke, and the Friends Poke, could get as they ran out of the Burning Corporations, before they offered them up as Bail Out Targets!!!!

Think of Buffy and Muffy!!!! Think of The Innocent Children!!!

Why without greater deregulation in the financial industry, they will be stuck holding only their Poke!!!

It's what the troops are winning for us on the Eastern Front!!!!
Tags: economics, election, war

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