drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Americans Defeating Godless Euro

Have you noticed that the Euro has shrunk to a mere $1.28, and the cost of a Barrel of Oil has likewise shrunk under the GLORIOUS VICTORIOUS Military Victories against the evil liberals Of Wall Street!

Thank GOD that we have RoboBushCheneyParis!!!
They Shiney!!!
and fashionably fashionable!!!!

And they did not need the party faithful to spend $150,000 on new fashion togs!!!
( cf Palin clothing bill up, poll standing down - now I don't want to sound catty or anything, but a gurl goes walking the street for some guy, just so she can get fancy clothes, well we have names for that sortz of behavior.... I mean, would you want your daughter to start taking strange gets from strange men, simply because she has opted to leave her husband behind... )
Tags: economics, election, war

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