drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Stop The Obama/Biden Media Binging...

If you caught my guest appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend, you may have seen an ad or two (or twenty) from Senator Obama's campaign.

This barrage of advertising is adding up to the most expensive negative ad buy in political history. And these ads are funded with the nearly $200 million the Obama campaign and the DNC raised in September.

With this new money, they'll only step up their media buying efforts to flood every network with ads attacking our shared values. These ads are full of inaccurate information designed to mislead voters in key media markets.

We need your support to stop the Obama-Biden Democrats' media buying binge. Your immediate contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more will help fund our team's ads in key media markets across the country.

( email from "Governor Sarah Palin" ecampaign@gop.com [ emphasis in original ] )
Ah yes... the value of free merchandising by being a puppet toady of the Evil Liberal Media that is destroying our White Christian America with their godless heathenistical dope smoking gay marriage supporting SNL skits....

Anything less and that Obama-biden media buying binge would show how bollemic those types of folks are, because they are not willing to go on those Tough News Shows like Saturday Night Live...

Yeah, dude.... put down the BONG!!!! You are soooo past totally baked...

Remember, if you want an america of SNL skits, vote for the right types, otherwise them uppity ones will just go out there and destroy our white christian america the old fashion way....
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