drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

For God And Country


As most of you know, I am the son of a military chaplain, and so was a bit concerned when Chaplain Captain Yee, a West Point Grad, was publically besmirched not merely by the folly of trying to prosecute him for Spying, but the less than polite way that the Civilian ProWarTypes decided to leap first and think only if absolutely required.

Chaplain Captain Yee has a soon to be published book, "For God and Country: Faith and Patriotism Under Fire", and I would like to recommend that it may well be worth a read. What scares me is that a google search points me to: amazon_uk as the number one choice. This worries me as it seems that the ProWarTypes CONUS are still not sure if they have been officially obligated to actually think about this matter.

There is also a nyt take on the subject.

I know that for most americans the bulk of them are still not sure if we are still More@War or even if that is going to be a relevant issue in the 2006 campaign season, but what if the troops were still deployed? What if Gitmo were still in existence? What if the President were still authorized to detain anyone for any reason he felt compelling. Would the ProWarTypes still....

Ah yes.... The growing threat that overseas markets for books may exceded the domestic market, and with that the ultimate threat that America may ultimately wind up exporting those high paying jobs in the Manufacturing Consent Industry.

So, when the book comes out, take a read, figure out if there is a position to be taken.

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