drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Holy Blue Helmetted One Worlder God Haters....

"The consequences of not having Status of Forces Agreement (Sofa) and of not having a renewed UN authorisation are pretty dramatic."

Failure to finalise the Sofa or renew a UN mandate would mean US operations would have to be suspended. The UN mandate for US-led coalition forces expires at the end of the year.

"What really needs to happen is for us to get this Sofa done. It's a good agreement. It's good for us. It's good for them. It really protects Iraqi sovereignty," Mr Gates said.
The draft agreement calls for a drawdown of US combat forces from Iraq by the end of 2011 and includes US concessions on immunity for US troops who break Iraqi law.
The cabinet must approve the draft before it can be sent to parliament for a vote.

Apart from the two main Kurdish parties, political leaders have so far withheld their support for the deal.

[ cf US warning on Iraq deal failure ( emphasis mine )]

THE EVIL ONE WORLDER UN has had a mandate to win in Iraq????

OH ME!!! Oh MY!!! What ever will we do now that the God Hating Liberals have stabbed our troops in the back and given up Iraq to the Evil, Sinister, One World Blue Helmetted UNers!!!

It is as if they think that Iraq were some sort of soveriegn nation that should be allowed to negotiate what sorts of things that foreign troops would be allowed to do on their national territtory....

Talk about stabbing our troops in the back....

I mean, it is almost as if those Evil Iraqi's want to make it a crime to murder, rape, and torture folks, simply because they elected a bunch of whiney liberals to their whiney liberal america hating institutions.

Clearly NOW more than ever we MUST invade this UN, and bring them the glories and freedoms of the Free Trade in Free Markets, and their chance to comply with what ever policy is operable at any given instance as dictated by the freedoms of the free market...

Anything less and the terrorists win!!!

Besides the Iraqi's have failed to pay their war reparations for having attacked america on 09/11...
Tags: election, law, war, war_crimes

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