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God Haters Attack Freedom

The average annual income of the richest 10 per cent in the US – $93,000, using common purchasing parity – was the highest in the OECD. The poorest 10 per cent earned $5,800, “about 20 per cent lower than the average for OECD countries,” it said.
[ cf Rich-poor divide widens, says OECD ]
Well, there you have it, clear and unquestioned class warfare by evil doing evil doers.

Why just this morning there was the usual whining by the snivelling underclasses that so called middle class families have medical coverage through their employers, but their children do not. I mean why should children who are not willing to get out there and work get any sort of medical coverage!!! That sort of Godless ASSAULT on the Freedom of the Free Trade In Free Markets simply shows what has gone wrong in this country with all of the radical socialist welfare stateism!!!

Clearly children need to learn early on the importance of owning a senator, judge, congressman, tax auditor, and the importance of being able to create creative dirivative funds that funnel the cash into safe off shore tax havens while filing for more recovery money as a fund in need of governmental bail out funds!!!

I mean, what is more important to a child than to learn the important things in life!!!!
To Crush Your Enemies!!!
And listen to the lamentations of their Creditors!!!!
The sort of important life lessons that separate the winners from the fodder....

Now more than ever we must stop the GODLESS ATTACKS on the capital depreciation of Wives and Concubines that is clearly the agenda of the "yes on 8" folks who hate the freedom of the Free Trade In Free Markets!!! Clearly when children learn the tax advantages that come from owning and trading wives and concubines they will be able to grow up as responsible men who see the importance of correct investment strategies....

"Write Off Your Old Used Wives And Concubines!!!!"

Anything less and the terrorists WIN!!!
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