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Pro Marriage???

It's important that pro-marriage forces really get mobilized in opposition to Proposition 8. It will be a lot simpler for everyone, including the churches actually, if this initiative is defeated. I bring this up because, if you're like me, then you probably know someone who knows someone who's a Mormon, and that means there's a good chance you've been swept into a wider discussion with one of the many Brothers and Sisters who've been sent out to engage the public in support of Proposition 8.
[...] more importantly, what happens when a gay couple want to be married in the temple? The temple, in our belief, is the most sacred of places, and the whole ceremony is about the creation, and men and women. So, is that bigotry, or 2000+ year old doctrine? [...]
[...] The California Supreme Court did not rewrite church doctrine with its decision. It can't do that. Just because gays and lesbians have a right to obtain marriage certificates from county clerks just like straight couples, it does not mean that they now have a right to profane your temple. [...]
See? This is another one of those right wing lies that your church is spreading-- that *you* are helping your church to spread.

Do you feel good about helping your church to spread lies, [brother]? Is that one of the ways that following the LDS church has improved your life? By giving you an excuse to spread convenient lies?

[ cf How To Confront Mormons About Proposition 8 ( emphasis mine )
You really should read it, it is a lovely rant, by a clearly deranged opponent of the free trade system against an equally dangerous opponent of free trade...

Well, ok, so maybe the idea that changing the law about how the secular state works, scares some folks, because, in their world there is no distinction between the secular state and the DIVINE STATE that is controlled not by the mere laws of men, but by the DIVINE WILL OF GOD!!!

So with that thot in mind, the number ONE reason for opposing the EVILS of Prop 8:
Clearly as long as these RADICAL INTERVENTIONISTS wish to destroy the freedom of the Free Trade in Wives and Concubines, then we must fight back to keep the Freedom in the Free Trade in Free Markets!!!!

IF we do not stop them with Prop 8!!! then they will start imposing their Godless Excesses on the rest of the Freedom of the Free Trade In Free Markets, and will mandate that we get no form of capital depreciation on wives and concubines, and that we are limited to the mere poor boy poverty levels of but one wife!!!! SIMPLY BECAUSE THESE FREAKS HATE FREEDOM!!!!

So forget the Pro-Marriage Wankage - go for the Freedom of Free Trade!!!!

Anything Less and the Terrorists Win!!!

{ remind me again how it is that the biblical literalists can use the Old Testament for their anti-gay stand, and then turn around and impose some anachronistic notion that we should not be allowed our GOD GIVEN tax write offs on the Emergency Wife, and concubines.... and in a time of @WAR!!!! }
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