drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Was Operation Swarmer Really PR for V is for vendetta?

Once again the evil liberal media gets it all wrong.
"According to US joint [multiservice] doctrine, an air assault is one in which assault forces, using the mobility of rotary wing assets and total integration of available firepower, manoeuvre under the control of a ground or air manoeuvre commander to engage enemy forces or seize key terrain."

In this instance, key terrain may have been seized but no enemy forces were apparently engaged.

But the massive press coverage was not just the result of a semantic misunderstanding.
The operation came at a time when support at home for President Bush and his campaign in Iraq was running very low, and when the international media were preparing to focus on the third anniversary of the war, just three days later.

[ cf How US assault grabbed global attention ]

Any 12 year old Otaku Wannabe Blogger could have put that piece of Combat Journalism Together!

Why not go for the big bucks! Why Not Get Zesty Spring Time Fresh!

This is the reason that Americans Should ACTIVELY BOYCOTT "V is for vendetta" since it is so painfully clear that American Tax Dollars were flushed down the toilet in this whole monolithic manaical publicity stunt to SHILL for the Wachowski Brother's New Toy! And that is just disgusting!!!

How disgustingly LOW can those Evil Red Hollywood Leftist America Bashing God Hating Draft Dodging Dope Smokers go than to use our valiant fighting forces as a part of their ongoing PR Stunts for some trashy movie!!!

Americans MUST ACTIVELY BOYCCOTT "V is for vendetta" Or The EVIL LIBERALS will continue to frivilously squander american tax dollars in their failed PR blitzes to restore their Failed Pre911 Culture, Which Failed! And it lost the KulturKampf as well!

And On TOP of it all Americans MUST ACTIVELY BOYCCOTT "V is for vendetta" Or The Gay HomoZexual Zombie Pirate Marriage Initiative will mean that the value of your real estate will go down as The Gay HomoZexual Zombie Pirates de-gentrify your neighborhood!!!!

It's NOT just Mere Patriotism! But Our American Way of LIFE that is at risk here.

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