drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

But Fact Checking IS an important Thingus Of Pooh...

Oh no, those MojoItes are at it again....
News item in the barely readable Newsweek chortling with glee over FactCheck's latest salvo against the Obama campaign, to wit:
Except for the fact that senior policy people for the campaign have been saying just that for a couple of weeks now, as reported in the Wall Street Journal:

[ van.mojo: Fact Check? ]
But isn't the point of Fact Check dot com to protect americans from the clear and present danger of regressing back into a fact based society????

Clearly the Annenberg Foundation is your friend, and supports many worthy things, just no GODLESS AMERICA BASHING SATANIC Islamo-Fascist-Zionist-Mormonist-Communist-Papist-TheyThemThoseTypes!!!

I mean, the annenberg foundation supports PBS, so it clearly has always been a communist front organization, and as such knows how to provide fair and balanced coverage....
In a nutshell, we believe that there are links worth investigating between the Barack Obama campaign, William Ayers, the Annenbergs, and ACORN.
[ cf Obama, Ayers, Annenberg, and ACORN: a family affair? ( emphasis in original )
Quite the A list of evil doers...

Can we really allow KNOWN COMMUNIST FRONT ORGANIZATIONS like FactCheck.org engage in godless unamericanism of pal-ing around with known terrorist kliques....

Besides, do we really want them Uppity Types in the White House? with their Filibuster Proof Senate Guard of America Hating Atheists????

Can we really afford to retreat backward into the dark days of merely factualist america???

Facts are what cowards retreat too, when they have given up the True Faith!!!
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