drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Those Wacky Iraqi..

You rerally have got to respect their comical sense of Irony!
unni Arab political leaders today denounced an agreement between the United States and Iran to hold face-to-face talks about Iraq, saying the conversations would amount to "unjustified interference" by foreign nations in Iraq's domestic affairs.

The Iraqi Consensus Front, the country's main Sunni Arab political bloc, said it was "not committed, under any circumstances, to any results of these negotiations" and insisted that Iraq's affairs should be managed by Iraqis alone.

[ cf AmericanPravda ]
Now why exactly should america worry about Iraq? If the greatest threat of Imaginary Weapons Is in Iran, now that we all know that the Iraqi Never REALLY had any actual imaginary weapons.

I mean shouldn't the Iraqi's work on taking one for the team?

If to protect the Victims Of ChickenHawk Angst here in america, it means trading sunni freedoms, with their modern seXularist heathenism, so that Iraq can be the full on Islamic Republic of Iraq.... Then They Should Just Shut Up and support the President to Support the Troops!!!! Don't those Iraqi's Know that Congress Authorized the President to do anything he wants in a time of whatever!!!

They should be pleased that the president made Iraq the Central Front of the WhomeverOnWhatever - since otherwise they would be, well, just Iraqi's, and not the most important type of cannon fodder around - the smile politely for the camera's the Fund Raisers need some good film footage, and of course the fun of having those folks in uniform make it all look, well, Military Like.... Because...
Now why exactly should americans be paying tax dollars to provide the back drops for Campaign Fund Raiser Footage for folks who do not want to be americans, or serve in the american military, or....
Will one of you Puppets of Your TreeHuggerInChief help me out here on why exactly the ProWarTypes are, well, as stoopid as they are about their failure to work out anything other than that they hate those of us who served in the military, they hate the american constitution, and they keep hoping that the Mad Hatter will be able to protect them from all of their fears of Imaginary Weapons.

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