drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Did HanoiAnnie Coulter ( or a puppet toady ) lose the bubble?

One of Anne Pressly's most interesting, recent endeavors was a small role in W, Oliver Stone's controversial dramedy about the Bush Administration. The role came about after Pressly met a casting director while visiting Shreveport, LA, where the film was made. According to entertainment columnist Nikki Finke (who runs Deadline Hollywood Daily, one of the True Crime Report's "sister blogs"), Pressly's moment on screen was a "blink-and-you-missed-it" turn as arch conservative talking head Ann Coulter*.
[ cf Who Attacked Anne Pressly? ]
Or should we go with the whole excuse that this might have been merely a coincidence that it occured the same weekend that "W" opened across the country?

Will there be more efforts by the true believers to simplify the process?

And eradicate the sort of local folks who may have been in any part of "W", and will that be based upon the More True Revelation From GOD, or one of the lesser revelations from God?

Remember the nation is still in a state of @WAR.

{ is it just me, or do you worry that LIBZERAL GODLESS SPAWNS OF SATAN want to spell it eradicate, rather than irradicate? }
Tags: real_american, religion, war

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