drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

grow some stones NRO

Come on guys, why not just openly advocate that some one of your christianist terrorists should do the deed? Why dick around with play acting like you care who gets aborted???
Former Fetus Barack Obama [Ed Whelan]
I mean, how can the NRO take seriously the idea that threatening the life of an American Presidential candidate should be considered less than polite???

Ah yes.... things are clearly getting tough in the Karl Roverian Draft Dodger Kulture....

Who knows, they may even notice that some folks back in the day actually served in the american armed forces to defeat the actual evil empire - and some of them folks sat on their faces, spewing the wonders of Milton Friedman....

Hey HEY! HO! HO!!! How Many NRO's Forgot To GO!!!

Hey HEY! HO! HO!!! How Many NRO's Forgot To GO!!!

Hey HEY! HO! HO!!! How Many NRO's Forgot To GO!!!

Or are they now going to whine that federal law is suppose to protect them from being persecuted for their failure to do their national service time in the armed forces....
Tags: election, war

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