drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More economic funnies...

Time to think about how to teach Econ 236B: Economic Growth in the spring--if it winds up on my plate.

In my experience, courses like this do best if they are:
We read the fifteen recent big papers in Economic Growth that are most likely to serve as launching pads for dissertations--for graduate students to write extensions or critiques of them that have the best chance of getting them good jobs at places with smart students and no heavy lifting.
[ cf Econ 236B: Economic Growth ]
OK, so i am in a more flexible mood.

We have a freshout jarhead, and he called me sir, as he passed my work spot. We had laughed earlier, and I had mentioned I had been in the fleet... well, I got the wind up, and was willing to kvetch about 'putting my boot up where it will...' as he rejoined that he had meant only to show due regard.... and I got to laugh again... about a misplaced memory, about Kimo, and the first class when I was freshout. Kimo had been with pershing missiles, and when the instructor walked briskly up to class, I just caught myself in time, as I started to spin around to salute him....

Ah yes.... what goes around, comes around, and around and around...

No heavy lifting... yeah, right...

And nobody dies...
Tags: economics, war

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