drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Economic's Based Ontological Proof Of the existence of GOD!

As anyone who is aware of Uncle Miltie's Economics, there is a Market, with supply and demand curves for Labor.

When the dot.com era came to a close, and dumped it's excess of CEO/CFO types on the market, the excess supply, not matched by an excess demand, would have forced down the wages of CEO/CFO, to keep in compliance with the market fundamentals.

Because this did not occur, it follows that a Miracle Occurred.

Since there was so clearly a Miracle, there must have been a Divine Economist to do the Great Wonder.

QED, there is a God who Loves us so much that he gave us Nukes, and the means to torture the unbelievers until we can erase any of their memories of the dark and evil times before they were saved from their unbelief.

Speaking of which, would this be a good time to talk about accepting the Divinity of Dubya, or are you planning to start over again in the New Economic Prosperity Zones.
Tags: economics, religion, war

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