drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Steven Admits To Loving Freedom

Under questioning by defense attorney Robert Cary, key defense witness Bob Persons said the meeting with the FBI "was confusing. & It was like being mentally waterboarded."

Persons said of the FBI agent who questioned him, "That was the most hateful human being I've ever met in my life. & It made me understand why there's a lot of innocent people in prison."

[ cf Witness: FBI 'Mentally Waterboarded' Me ]
Clearly now is the time for Komrade Party Leader Steven's to decide if he supports Freedom, or is going to stab the troops in the back by admitting to paling around with persons who seem to oppose WaterBoarding, mental, or otherwise!!!

Remember stabbing the Troops in the Back, in a time of @WAR can get you shipped to the New Economic Prosperity Zones.

Clearly if WaterBoarding were a bad thing, then the bible would be clear that this was not something that Jesus Supported!!!!

Are YOU doing your part to support the Truthier Truth of supporting the Freedom of the Free Trade In Free Markets in the New Economic Prosperity Zones.

OR do you just hate freedom!!!
Tags: law, religion, torture, war

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