drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What if we called Gitmo the First NEPZ?

Clearly by rebranding Gitmo as an NEPZ ( New Economic Prosperity Zone ) then all of the evil nasty bad, ikky, yukky, welfare statist anti-free-marketering that Donald Rumsfeld and his God Hating America Bashing Liberals brought to the place will no longer be a problem!!!

Instead people will learn that in the NEPZ, the law is what the War Lord Mandates is the Will of GOD!!!!

In this state the Free Market will be free to engage in any form of Free Trade that the FreeNeff of Free will make manifest as the Destiney of th NEPZ!

And everyone in the world will understand that the Great Military Victory of Milton Freidman has come to fruition, and all will be right in the world!!!!

No more law, no more democratic elections, no more of that nasty interventions by anything but the TRUE WILL of the Free Market will exist in the NEPZ!!!! and all will be right with the world!!!!

Remember boys and girls, if you want enough justice, that is why there is a Free Market Justice hedge fund.
Tags: economics, election, law, war, war_crimes

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