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Music Piracy, a Good Thing???

What??? Hasn't anyone informed that whole Red Hollywood Elites, that the MooseLady has open issues about her notions of Music Piracy???
Bon Jovi, who threw a $30,000-per-person, fund-raising dinner for Democrat Barack Obama at his New Jersey home in September, said he was surprised to hear that his band's song "Who Says You Can't Go Home" was used during rallies held by Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin this week.

"We wrote this song as a thank you to those who have supported us over the past 25 years. The song has since become a banner for our home state of New Jersey and the de facto theme song for our partnerships around the country to build homes and rebuild communities.
The rock group Heart sent a cease and desist letter to the Republican campaign in September asking them not to use the song "Barracuda." The song was the early unofficial theme song for Palin, playing off the "Sarah Barracuda" nickname the Alaska governor earned on the basketball court in high school.

In August, rocker Jackson Browne sued McCain, the Republican National Committee and the Ohio Republican Party, accusing them of using his 1977 hit "Running on Empty" in a campaign ad without permission.

[ cf Bon Jovi complains over Republican rally song ]
So remember boys and girls.

You should never illegally download or openly pirate music, because, that would be morally questionable...

And if there is anything of importance in the time of selecting the next Person who will grind down the moral standards of the White House below that of a player who is willing to torture for no reason at all, then remember to vote for the person who will do the most morally questionable thing.

Since, as we know, if they will pirate music, then clearly they are willing to mass murder! And for the fun of it all...
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