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Hey kids, got the moral integrity of Your Agenda???

So why did the Sacramento FreakShow give up on calling to Waterboard Obama?
Not a lone protestor or crowd member. Not a fringe nut on Free Republic. On the official Republican website in the state capitol of the most populous state in the Union. This is why the GOP has to be defeated this time.
When reached for comment Tuesday, Craig MacGlashan – head of the Sacramento County Republican Party – owned up to these and other characterizations of Obama.

How curious.

A few weeks ago, MacGlashan spoke out publicly against anti-Obama vandalism around town.

But now, he's OK with the words "Waterboard Barack Obama" that were displayed prominently on sacramentorepublicans.org?

Maybe if someone had painted "Waterboard Barack Obama" on the side of a building, MacGlashan would be outraged. On the Internet? Not so much.
[ cf "Waterboard Him!" ]
OK, So i Just SOOO love the comedy of Andrew Sullivan, like so many "stab our troops in the back" liberals get to spin around from supporting the president to support the troops to this new policy of Seeking to Destroy Freedome because he no longer considers torture a comedic moment.

What has become of the formerly NeoConClowns?

Where is their Total Loyalty To Great Leader!!!!

It is as if majikally there are folks who wake up and majikally learn that a society that supports Torture, may well support Stealing a Girl's Trust Fund, and from there it is a sharp dive into selling UnVetted, unable to be marked to market Creditized Debt Swaps...

SHOCKING!!! Just Shocking!!!

Are YOU stabbing our troops in the back? Or do you support the greatness of great leader???

Hey kids, remember when once upon a time a threat to the life of a Presidential Candidate was considered a BAD thing??? And for our slow readers
What if Felonies were felonious? And War Crimes were considered a not good???
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