drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The Fun Of Your Reagainite Bureaucracy At Work

Well today's winner in "classical mindless reaganism is:
This notice is to inform you that the Child Support Enforcement Agency has the authority to suspend child support obligations for children over the act of 19 years.
If you want child support to contineu, please provide the neceessary documentation to substantiate the above stated reasons. You have 30 days from the date of this letter to provide the necessary proof that the child support obligation for the above named child(ren) should continue.
Well, yes, that little bit of emphasis is MINE!!! because I find this piece of dog doo-doo such a wacking freak festing nightmare of the classical Reagan Era!!!

Hello Dilbert - I am the NCP - ( non-custodial parent ) So why are they sending this to me? Wouldn't it be in the interest of the custodial parent to verify that in point of fact and law that the above named child(ren) were in need for further support???

Now don't get me wrong, I can understand that you democrats are still emotionally traumatized that your total lack of party discipline and any sense of responsible adult oversight, has allowed your zergling to wander around and pretend that they are Republicans - but PLEASE!!! Can you folks police up your stragglers!!!

The comedy moment here is that the CSEA has the authority to suspend - but who has final call on when that part of the court order is finally fulfilled??? Hum?

And do Breeders have the same level of interferance in their lives by the state security apparatus - please, tell me that the Child Support Enforcement Agency has been appropriately folded into the Department Of State Security Apparachniki - where they will be able to keep an eye on all of those parental units out there who need to be monitored so that a sufficiency of their fiscal base is appropriately utilized for their progeny...

Excuse me if I get a bit cranky here - but the level of SHEER STOOPIDITY that has been the wonder years of the Child Support Enforcement Agency make me wonder why in God's Green Earth I would round any of my fiscal resources through them as a means towards the goal of supporting my children? HELLO!!! Was anyone SOBER when they came up with the whole Idea of The Child Support Enforcement Agency???? Hum? Why not solve the root cause problem and simply outlaw divorce.

If they outlaw divorce, then only CRIMINALS will try to tear apart that which GOD has put together!!!

I mean that would solve all of the problems, eh no?

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