drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Who you gonna call...

do you suffer along with Brad Setser and Felix Salmon Fear the Zombie Banks????

Do you find Zombie Banks lurking around the school yard passing out investment warrants?

Remember, in america, we love our Banking System, even if the Moose Once Bit Your Sister...
A world where the government guarantees the ability of privately owned banks with potentially troubled balance sheets to raise wholesale funding is neither desirable nor necessarily stable for long.... If the guarantee is credible then an institution with little or no equity has the capacity to raise wholesale funds to gamble for redemption. And those bets are a potential source of instability. Regulation theoretically can limit this risk, and right now there is enough fear that I am not sure that it is most immediate risk -- but conceptually, the incentive to make big bets with the government's guaranteed money is there.
( op cit )


This is something to worry about? Since the invisible foot of the market will make sure that the majik is majikal...

Besides AEI has been stumping and campaigning for Massive Regulation Restoration to protect the banking, hedge funds, insurance, psuedo-banks, and the back room gambling pits running numbers.... Since of course, we know that only the regulatory oversight that the AEI has always championed can save .....

Hold it, what regulations?
[I]f you go the UK route and insist on board seats and the ouster of failed executives, it helps.... I'm quite sure that Paulson hates the fact that he's semi-nationalizing the banking system. But he needs to get real and accept it, rather than trying to brush it under the carpet. Otherwise he's putting hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars at unnecessary risk
( op cit, emphasis added )

What if Paulson doesn't care about the plebian masses???? and it is not like there is any need to be concerned about the long run....

Since soon NorComm will have the Combat Brigades to bring the Hurt down upon the Unbelievers....
Tags: economics, election, war

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