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It is shocking!!! just shocking!!! to think that the house of lords would oppose the detention of persons for arbitrarilly long periods of time by the government without actually being charged with anything. It is not like the UK was planning to adopt the american policy of "well what about detaining them for seven or eight years"...
Prime Minister Gordon Brown abandoned plans to let police hold terrorist suspects for up to 42 days without charge, after Britain's House of Lords voted against his government's proposals.

The Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties voted against the extension in the Lords, the upper, unelected chamber of Parliament, alongside lawmakers attached to no party yesterday. They voted 309-118 against the Labour government and in favor of an amendment to legislation keeping the current 28-day limit.

Following the government's defeat in the Lords, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, in an unscheduled statement to Parliament, withdrew plans for extending the length of pre-charge detention. A new bill, which includes the measures, is written and ready to be made law if it is ever needed, she said.

[ cf U.K. Drops Anti-Terror Measures After Lords' Rejection of Plans ]
Well... there you have it, radical left wing extremist God Hating America Bashers in the House of Lords oppose Truth, Justice and the American Way, and clearly are stabbing our troops in the back on the orders of Osama Bin Biden...

I think that america would be perfectly within the Divine Mandates of the Bible to install their own House of LORDS who will do nothing but the Divine Will of God as clarified by God's One True Profit Dubya!!!

Anything less and the Terrorists Win!!!

{ Ok, so I was rather hoping that this would have been the law lords v. the evil liberals of Labor... but we can not always get the headlines we want, and so must make them up as we keep mission accomplishing... }
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