drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Are Terrorists Allowed To Roam Free Across The Lands!!!

Everywhere you turn, it is nothing but Radical Extremist God Hating Islamicist WackJobs Stabbing Our Troops in the Back with their Zionist Blades Of BLOOD!!!!
Like passengers on the Titanic trying to get on the last lifeboat over the side, Republicans are beginning to ditch John McCain, with the Republican former governor of Michigan questioning the nasty tone of McCain's campaign and saying he is "…not the McCain I endorsed."

Former Governor William Milliken had previously endorsed McCain during the Republican primary season.

"He is not the McCain I endorsed," said Milliken, in an interview with The Grand Rapids Press. "He keeps saying, 'Who is Barack Obama?' I would ask the question, 'Who is John McCain?' because his campaign has become rather disappointing to me."

"I'm disappointed in the tenor and the personal attacks on the part of the McCain campaign, when he ought to be talking about the issues."
"I saw what Bush and Cheney did. They came in with a (budget) surplus and a stable world, and look what's happened now," said Chafee, who was ousted in 2006 by Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse. "In eight short years they've taken one peaceful and prosperous world, and they've torn it into tatters."

Added Chafee about Sarah Palin: "There's no question she's totally unqualified."

[ cf GOP Leaders Abandoning McCain: "Who Is John McCain?" ]
How SHOCKING that these sorts or Hard Left Communist Puppet Stooges of their Hanoi Masters would stoop so low as to attack Freedom, apple pie, and mother hood....

Clearly THIS Nation NEEDS a Mission Accomplished Dance, how about The SF Burning Man Decompression Gathering Just ONE MORE SIGH that when Charleton Heston holds up his staff in the desert, there are GOD Fearing All Americans on the Playa doing their Part to keep Our White Christian America as safe as it can be in these Godless Times....
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