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But is that bad???

Gov. Sarah Palin abused the powers of her office by pressuring subordinates to get her former brother-in-law, a state trooper, fired, a investigation by the Alaska Legislature has concluded.

A report on the bipartisan inquiry that was released Friday by lawmakers in Anchorage, concluded, however, that she was within her right to dismiss her public safety commissioner, Walt Monegan, the trooper’s boss.

The public portion of the report concluded that Ms. Palin violated the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act by allowing pressure to be exerted to get Trooper Michael Wooten, her former brother-in-law, dismissed.

In the 263 pages that were released, the independent investigator, Stephen E. Branchflower, a former Anchorage prosecutor, said that Ms. Palin wrongfully allowed her husband, Todd, to use state resources as part of the effort to have Trooper Wooten dismissed.

[ cf Alaska Inquiry Concludes Palin Abused Powers ]
Ok, so is that as bad as living in a town where there are other people who were around in the sixties?????

Besides when a Leader, under the Unitarian Executive Principle does it, can it really be wrong????

and especially in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby UBU as Jesus demands in the biblically literal bible????

Besides she can see Siberia, and it is not like she shipped any of them to Siberia!!!

Besides a Wife MUST be submissive to her husband, and therefore under the Unitarian Executive Principles, when she allows her husband to do it, can it be any different than when she does it, since clearly the electorate elected her, knowing that she was under the headship and submission of her husband....

Besides, if any real laws were broken then God would have killed the kitten, and Jesus loves kittens, therefore it is all ok....
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